Chatham, Ontario is not exactly known as being a musical mecca in Canada. It probably wouldnít get a mention even in Ontarioís Top 10. But one of Canadaís finest purveyors of psychedelic pop music over the past 18 years, Square Root of Margaret, have steadfastly called the small agricultural and automotive city home-base since their inception, with no foreseeable plan of relocating to any of the Torontos or Montreals of their home country.

Born out of Chathamís notorious House of Bleen, a house that bore many of Chathamís finest bands out of the early 1990?s, SROM began as an instrumental jam band, but a succession of new members quickly turned them into one of the areaís finest psychedelic pop bands, lead by the songwriting eccentricities of Po Kadot and his band of merry men, bassist Dennis Reissner, guitarist Joshua Brisco, keyboardist Jason McFadden and drummer Todd Clarke, SROM carved out an extensive catalogue of self-made cassettes, full length CDs, cross country tours and not one, not two, but three box sets featuring even more unreleased goodness.

Following the release of 2007?s Teragram Photeur (which was initially written and recorded as a solo album by Po Kadot, but then repackaged last minute as the next SROM album), SROMís evolution continued and long time members McFadden and Clarke left the family, replaced by Chatham indie musician and producer Ben Srokosz on drums and former Chathamite (and Windsor music scene favourite) Eric Welton on keyboards. The new collective began working on new material and on October 15th at Phog Lounge, they will unveil the fruits of their labour, with the release of WYSiWYG, their strongest and most encompassing release yet.

SROM has managed to do something that not many bands have ever managed to encapsulate Ė evoke every great musical format from the 1960?s (and to a degree the 1970?s) and combine them together into a sensory overload akin to taking a particularly pleasing hallucinogenic drug for the first time. Itís like King Crimson meets The Flaming Lips, a band that would have been just as comfortable playing at Annette Funicelloís Beach Blanket Bingo as they would have Andy Warholís Factory. Just last month I was in attendance at their hometown Chatham launch for the CD at the Elephantís Nest, and the floor was littered with dancers of all ilk and appreciation, twirling in varying combinations of the Twist and the Go-Go, their sweaty delight impossible to withhold.

written by Jamie Greer, 2010